Solomon Says Bible Study

Have you ever felt foolish and wished you had reacted differently in a difficult situation? Let’s face it. We all have done something at some point that we regretted, whether it was letting our anger get out of control, saying something we should have kept to ourselves or letting jealousy get the best of us. The book of Proverbs touches on these subjects and others, and provides wisdom through short sayings that bring godly counsel to life. If you want to live victoriously as God intended, Solomon Says, a 10-week study, will give you an opportunity to evaluate the areas in which you struggle and why you struggle, and explain how you can overcome them. Find refreshment in your spiritual life as you study themes including:

Humility       Honesty       Heart Attitudes     Generosity        Anger

Justice         Godly Speech      Time Management      Discipline     Marriage

Solomon asked for wisdom, and the Lord granted it to him. We have the same privilege of seeking out wisdom as well! Don’t let your struggles, mistakes and worries overwhelm you. Seek wisdom, renew your relationship with the Lord and learn to live victoriously daily with Him as you treasure hunt through Proverbs in Solomon Says.

Solomon Says: Godly Counsel for Victorious Living is available at:

Bulk orders (10 copies or more) receive a 40% discount and can be purchased by calling Kharis Publishing at 913.706.4622.

For every book purchased, Kharis Publishing donates a portion of the proceeds to establish resource centers for orphanages in developing countries. When you purchase a copy of Solomon Says, you are not only getting a gift for yourself or for a friend, but also providing an orphan the opportunity to read!