Lessons from a Cave Dweller, Part 4

Lesson 3 in my series on Psalm 57 is:

Our ultimate trust and comfort is in God.

Having 24/7 access to the news can be addictive and disheartening. Media has always thrived on ratings, and ratings go up with sensationalism, so extreme cases are the prominent, and sometimes only, news reported. While being “in the know” is important, a steady diet of watching those little and big red circles increase on the United States Coronavirus map can increase our fears and skew our trust in God.

Fear has already created a rush on the grocery store aisles, leaving shelves where toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bread, meat, and eggs once resided absolutely empty. While it is important to be prepared, overreacting with immense stockpiling is an act of fear. God did not give us “a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7 NLT).

David illustrates for us perfectly this lesson of trusting in God. While he took measures to protect himself (fled from danger to a cave), he also remembered in whom his ultimate trust was: God. In Psalm 57, verses 1 and 2 both show him crying out to God for mercy and stating that God is his real refuge, not the cave. His ultimate trust was in talking with God. Verse 2 says “God who accomplishes all things for me” (NASB) or “who will fulfill his purpose for me” (NLT). Enduring Word Commentary notes how we in our humanness treat this verse:

“It is a marvelous thing to consider God is literally willing to perform all things in us, and for us, if only we will let Him. The mischief is that most of us insist on performing all things in the energy of our own resolve, in the strength of our own power.” (Meyer)

But, if we consider what “accomplishes all things for me” really means according to Jamieson Fausset Brown Bible Commentary, that God will complete what he has begun, we can find peace and comfort. God is good to his word. We can trust him. He makes good on his promises!

The real-life Robinson Crusoe, when abandoned on a remote island, said many prayers. He still had to do the work (make a hut, find food, protect himself) but he ultimately prayed, most likely daily, for help and found his comfort in that.

What practical action can you take to increase your trust in God during uncertain times? Share in the comments section!

We, too, can, and should, be prepared during uncertain times by getting the things we need from the store, social distancing, and washing our hands, but we must not forget that our ultimate trust is in God. When fear begins to creep into your mind, say a prayer. Ask God for a clear mind, for comfort, and for peace so that you may keep your ultimate hope in him.

Just for fun: Seeing memes like this one really make me smile amidst the epic toilet paper shortage!


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