Who Am I?

The past two posts have been about writing our testimonies and telling our stories. The Bible is filled with great testimonies of people who followed the One True God, people who walked with Christ, and people who believed in Christ after his resurrection. If these people were alive today and came to speak their salvation story to us, this is what two of them would sound like:

As you read these testimonies, did you see the pattern of how they each told about:

  • life before salvation,
  • the situation and people involved who shared Christ with them, and
  • life after salvation?

Can you identify with the thoughts and feelings of these two people? Maybe they echo threads in your own salvation story.

Do you know to whom these two testimonies from the Bible belong?  The first person to submit both correct answers in the comments section on my blog will win a copy of my study, Solomon Says: Godly Counsel for Victorious Living (US residents only)!

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