Be a Shower of Blessing

“Like clouds and wind without rain is one who boasts of gifts never given.”

Pr. 25:14 (NIV)

Have you ever been promised something and not receive it? It’s disappointing when we look forward to something that never materializes, isn’t it? Proverbs 25:14 describes this same situation poetically: when a promise is not honored, it is like clouds that do not bring needed rain.

Because we know how disheartening it can be when someone tells us they will do something and then they never do it, we should also consider the promises that we make to others. Do we boast about giving and doing things that we have not done? How often do we say we will do something, and then forget to do it, or worse, never have any intention of doing it?

It is important for us to keep our promises and speak sincerely. Boastful speech is abominable to God (Pr. 8:13) and to others. How many of us have heard someone take credit for something he or she didn’t do? Sincere speech requires humility, which is always honored by God (James 4:6 and Luke 14:11).

This past year in North Alabama, we have experienced plenty of clouds, wind and rain (in fact, torrential rain), so the idea of clouds promising but not delivering rain seems foreign. But, think back to a few years ago when we experienced a draught. Water usage was limited – remember the rules of not using irrigation systems or water for anything other than the bare necessities? Back then, any time a cloud came over, we prayed for rain. This is the image Solomon depicts for us in Pr. 25:14.

Keeping a promise and speaking sincerely is like a beautiful cloud that produces rain on a parched land. Don’t be like a draught to others, but instead be like a rain cloud that gently sprinkles grace and peace on those around you when you speak sincerely and keep your promises.


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