On Becoming Like…

“Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged; parents are the pride of their children.”

Proverbs 17:6 (NLT)

“Will it hurt, Dad?” This is the question twenty-something-year-old Mike Seaver asked his father, Jason, on the TV sitcom Growing Pains as he wondered what it would be like when he started speaking like his dad. While the question was portrayed as funny, there are many young adults who loathe the idea of becoming like their parents and vow that they will never be like them! But, whether we like it or not, we eventually acquire some of the traits of our moms and dads, and at some point in our lives we inevitably wind up saying, “Wow! I sound just like my parents.”

I’m glad that Solomon comforts us with the thought that becoming like our parents is a good thing. Proverbs 17:6 encourages children who emulate the good things their parents do, because this passing on of godly traits to children brings glory to their parents (and grandparents, too).

In another episode of Growing Pains, Mike’s mom, Maggie, wonders whether she is like her father who had just passed away. She begins to doubt that she was like her dad at all, which causes her to worry that her own children would not be like her. This leads her to despair that all of her hard work in parenting would turn out to be in vain.

This made me think about the traits in my own parents that I admire and either already display or want to emulate. I’m blessed to have four parents – two biological and two by marriage. As I thought about each of these amazing people, I realized the following, which is my tribute to each of them.

My Mom

Since she passed away 12 years ago, it is especially important to me to remember all her wonderful traits. The ones I admire the most are:

  • her love for her children
  • her enjoyment of music, dance, and books
  • her ability to research anything
  • her generosity in giving to others




My Dad

  • his strong sense of right and wrong
  • his devotion to family
  • his diligence and ability to fix anything
  • his ability to talk to anyone



My In-Laws

Even though Bert is the thread that tied me to his parents, God wove our hearts together and I count them as my mom and dad, too.

Mrs. Gangl

  • her love for the Lord and her devotion to prayer
  • her love for her family
  • her amazing skills as a cook and gardener
  • her gift of encouragement



Mr. Gangl

  • his interest in all things education-related, especially history
  • his belief in clean hands (he and I are the germophobes in the family)
  • his kindness


How are you like your parents? Even more importantly, which of your parents’ qualities do you most admire and want to display in your life? Make a list this week, and, if possible, share it with your parents. After all, our moms and dads are the “pride of their children,” and becoming like our parents brings glory to them!

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