Blessings Beyond This Life

“The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.”

Proverbs 20:7 (NIV)

A funeral, a wedding and the birth of a new baby have been the experiences of three of my friends over the past three days. It has been an honor to pray for and attend these three milestones that cause us to look back and reflect on our own lives as we honor and celebrate the lives of others. While weddings and births are obviously times of great celebration, funerals are also a time of great celebration because the person they honor is now with God in heaven.

My next-door neighbor, Evelyn, passed away at age 96 last week. She led an amazing life, one that reflects Proverbs 20:7. My family met Evelyn seven years ago, when she could still get around with the aid of a walker and could still speak fairly coherently. Any time I visited with her, I always left feeling blessed because she was such a woman after God’s own heart. She would tell me stories from her amazing life – she was a mother of four but she also adopted four children and she had multiple grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren. Her sitting room walls were covered with little oval photos of all the members of her family. She loved people and always had a smile on her face. I believe this was because she allowed God’s love to shine through her.

Listening to Evelyn’s pastor read from her Bible at her funeral further reiterated what was important to Evelyn – her relationship with the Lord and her desire for others to have that same relationship. She was heeding Solomon’s advice to fear the Lord and to live a righteous life. And because of that, her children have been blessed. They can find comfort that Evelyn is with her Lord and Savior in heaven, and they can remember and be inspired by her example of living for the Lord.

As I reflect on how Evelyn lived her life, her example encourages me to live a life that shines brightly for the Lord. In doing this, I will leave a legacy of blessing for my own child and for anyone who crosses my path. We have this life to live for the Lord, so let us live it for him and leave blessings behind us that will last beyond our own lifetime.


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