Live Like Jesus

In this week’s post, I encouraged us to live like Jesus as we receive God’s wisdom through reading his word. My newest book review is a great resource if you want to better understand the life of Jesus.

The CSB Christ Chronological includes the text of the four Gospels and presents the life of Jesus in chronological order, using parallel passages that are color-coded and listed side by side. This format makes it easy to compare different passages in the Gospels, and it helps the Bible student see at a glance which events in Jesus’ life are presented in each of the Gospels.

In addition to the Gospel text, the book also includes study notes for certain passages. However, if you are looking for a study Bible, these notes are not comprehensive. This resource is unique in that it presents Jesus’ life in chronological order, beginning with John 1:1-18/Mark 1:1/Luke 1:1-4 and ending with John 21:24-25.

The CSB translation brings the Scriptures to life, and has become a favorite in my family, partly because it is new to us and partly because of its accuracy and readability. This hard cover book is square in size and actually looks like a coffee table book. The design is clean and appealing.

If you are looking for a refreshing way to study the four Gospels or for a nice gift book for a friend, CSB Christ Chronological is a good choice.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes and the opinions I have expressed in my review are entirely my own.

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