A Look Back… A Look Forward

Happy New Year 2018!

As I close the books on 2017,  my mind is flooded with memories of this year: In May, we bought our first pet, Cookie, the Guinea pig, and she has enriched our lives with her quirkiness, especially her tweeting like a bird every time we open the refrigerator door. In the fall, we felt God’s leading us to seek another church home, and that has been an amazing adventure. We have reconnected with numerous friends as we visited their churches, and even enjoyed seeing what life is like in other denominations. We have been blessed by hearing so many different pastors and have enjoyed the search process as we patiently waited on the Lord’s direction. Also, in the fall, our family went to Washington, DC, for the first time and we rank that vacation higher than Disney World! This year, we were blessed to attend five weddings – four for former college students whom we taught in Sunday School, and we were saddened to attend funerals for friends’ parents and spouses, and a young girl from our former church.

One main highlight, though, is that I began this blog site last January as a resource for a Bible study I wrote and taught in the winter. Teaching that class was an amazing experience, and I treasure the women who shared their lives with me on those Tuesday mornings. A year later, I am still enjoying reading and studying Proverbs, and sharing my thoughts with you. For 2018, I hope to continue sharing how Proverbs applies to our lives, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, too!

As you begin 2018, do you have any goals in mind? If you like to make resolutions, I have a few for us all to consider. These actually come from the original idea upon which my Bible study, Solomon Says, is based. Back in 2011, I was working with my friend Gwynn Schneider and our Education minister Mike Davis on our church magazine, and I wanted to write an article about resolutions with a spiritual twist since the issue would come out in January. In our brainstorming session, Mike said Proverbs had a lot of good counsel, and it hit me! I had recently read the Bible in 90 days (as part of a Bible study) and for the book of Proverbs I had made notes of overarching themes I kept seeing as I read. Those themes became the resolutions in the article below, and those resolutions are now the chapters of Solomon Says.

Solomon Says article

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