Looking Forward to Christmas

For the month of December, I will be taking a break from Proverbs and posting reflections that coincide with Advent. Christmas is a special season, and my hope over the next four weeks is that amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, parties and baking that we will still find a few quiet moments to reflect on the coming of Christ.

I’ve always enjoyed the Advent candle-lighting ceremony at church because it’s fun to hear the different families speak each week, to see the beautiful and festive candles and to think about the virtues that each of the candles represent as we are challenged to be more like Christ. I also have special memories of our own family lighting the Advent candle on multiple occasions. It was such an honor.

As I was preparing for this post and thinking about how I would write about each Advent subject, I came across a good explanation of Advent: What Is Advent?

I’m looking forward to sharing reflections with you on Hope, Peace, Joy and Love over the next four weeks, and then sharing a special thought on the Christ candle on Christmas Day.

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