Big and Little Coloring Devotional Review

My newest book review…

The idea behind the Big and Little Coloring Devotional written by Rachel C. Swanson and illustrated by Jacy Corral is fantastic because it aims to meet a need of moms who desperately want to spend time in God’s word but can’t do so because their children demand most, or all, of their time. The layout of the coloring devotion allows a mom and a child to sit across from each other at a table, flip open the book, and color the page in front of them. The child’s page is a lower skill level coloring page, and the mom’s page includes a short devotion and a higher skill level coloring page. Both pages have the same Bible verse on them.

While I love the idea, I only gave the book three stars because I’m not sure young children can or would actually color their page for five minutes, defeating the purpose of mom getting the time she needs to read and think about her devotion. However, elementary age children could color the page, and it might be a nice idea for mom and child to talk about the devotion or Bible verse while they color together. I think this is a great way to talk about God’s word with your children. However, most of the devotions are mom-focused and would not be appropriate for the child. The parent could just talk about the Bible verse and this would be good, too. But, again, this does not meet the need of moms of preschoolers.

The coloring pages are well-done and the images in them match the material of each devotion. While most of the devotions are insightful, and one even asks the mom to share the Gospel with her child, there are some devotions that include vague or flowery language that make them hard to understand. In these cases, the writer’s style seems as if she wants to write in the style of Oswald Chambers, but can’t quite make the leap. I think if she wrote all of the devotions from the perspective of a mom, and did not try to be a philosopher, this book would be much more convincing because her devotions about her experiences as a mother are very good. I also think if the devotions included discussion questions that a mom could ask her child as they color their pages, this would make the book better, and more meaningful, for both of them.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes and the opinions I have expressed in my review are entirely my own.

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