Names of Jesus

In my post earlier this week, I mentioned focusing on the names of God to help us learn to live out Proverbs 18:10 and trust the name of the Lord. If you would like a longer devotional than the 30-day one I suggested or one that is focused specifically on names of Jesus, there is a new book, 100 Days With Jesus: A Daily Glimpse Into the Person of Christ by Diann Cotton.

This devotional focuses on 100 names of Jesus, and while some of the traditional names like Bright Morning Star and Living Water are included, there are unexpected ones like Baby, Unchangeable and Minister in the Sanctuary. The devotions are short and will take only a few minutes to read, but they include some nice features. Each devotion begins with the verse from which the name of Jesus is derived. This is followed by a definition of the key word(s) that make up the name. Then the author provides her thoughts on the name, and the devotion ends with a personal question and prayer of praise.

Though short, the devotions are still insightful, and I enjoyed reading about both familiar and unfamiliar names of Jesus and seeing how the author conveyed her thoughts on the verses. I love the author’s story of why she wrote her book – to better understand the names of Jesus that she had put on Christmas ornaments for her tree. It is such a good thing to not take what we hear for granted but to study and investigate when we have questions about the Bible.

The cover of the book is beautiful, and this book would make a nice gift. My only complaint about this book is the pictures that accompany each devotion. While I think color photography is a nice approach and there a few good images scattered throughout the book, most of the pictures seem like stock photos and don’t really add much to the devotions.

Overall, though, I like this book and it will draw you closer to Jesus as you meditate on his character described each day.

2 thoughts on “Names of Jesus

  1. I wholeheartedly endorse praying the names of Jesus and the names of God. Helps us know our Lord better. I also know of devotional books on this topic called “Praying the Names of Jesus” and “Praying the Names of God,” both by author Ann Spangler.


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