Interested in Apologetics?

Recently, I received a copy of The Apologetics Study Bible published by Holman Bible Publishers and I think it is a nice resource for those who would like to learn more about defending the Christian faith. This Bible is filled with articles by experts in apologetics such as Lee Strobel, Ravi Zacharias and Josh McDowell. Some of the articles are easier to understand than others; however, even the most difficult material still gives a good starting point for those seeking to learn apologetics terminology and then research further from there.

Articles cover a variety of topics including “What is Apologetics?,” “How Can We Know the Bible Includes the Correct Books?,” “What About Those Who Have Never Heard about Christ?,” and how Christianity relates to other faiths such as Islam and Hinduism. When I received this Bible, I sat down and started reading the articles and it was hard to put down because each time I turned the page, there was yet another topic I wanted to learn about.

The new CSB translation is easy to read and understand, and the layout of this Bible is beautiful. The type is in two columns and the font is large and easy on the eye. Jesus’s words are not red letter; however, Old Testament passages quoted in the New Testament are set in boldface type in the New Testament text. Although this feature is not unique to this particular Bible, it nevertheless works well for an apologetics Bible because, among other things, it makes it easy to see how Old Testament prophecy was fulfilled in the New Testament.

There are some study notes underneath the Biblical text, but not for every verse. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive study Bible, this one may not be for you, since the study notes serve mainly to reflect apologetics ideas as they fit in with specific verses. Another nice feature of this Bible is the “Twisted Scripture” notes that occur occasionally to point out how certain Scriptures are manipulated or interpreted incorrectly.

The structures of the introduction sections for each book in the Bible are unique – while each introduction includes an Author section, the remaining sections are structured uniquely to best relate to the particular book they cover. The Bible also features an annotated bibliography for topics in apologetics, a nice concordance, and a handful of color maps.

Overall, I really like this Bible because it is so easy to read and it has opened my eyes to ways to defend my Christian faith. I also think an unbeliever would find this Bible useful to answer questions they have about the Christian faith.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes and the opinions I have expressed in my review are entirely my own. I look forward to using the new CSB translation and apologetics study notes as I research Proverbs for new posts.

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