Kind Word Post Cards

In this week’s post, I challenged us to speak a kind word to someone once a day. While the spoken word is wonderful, a written word can be a blessing, too. It’s easy to dash off an email or a text message, but don’t forget the value of snail mail as well.

I admit I’m traditional but I can’t imagine anyone not liking getting a handwritten note from a friend. I often open my mailbox anticipating a card or letter nestled in among the bills and junk mail, and when that happens, it always brings a smile to my face.

Send a note of encouragement to someone this week. An “I was thinking about you,” “I’m praying for you,” or an “I think you’re amazing” kind of note will cheer the heart of the person who receives it.

Should you take the snail mail challenge and not have any stationery, here is set of post cards you can print and send to your friends:   Kind Word Post Cards

Printing instructions: Print page one. Send it back through your printer aligned just as it came out of your printer and then print page 2. Trim each card so that the photo on the front does not have a white border. Print on white card stock or photo paper that is glossy on one side and matte on the other. Print the pictures on the glossy side.

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