Thank You!

Last week our class completed the 11-week Solomon Says study. It was amazing, and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to teach this class. Our group was diverse and ranged in age from 20s to 80s, with every decade represented. It was a perfect first class. Not only did I learn Biblical wisdom, but I also found great encouragement from these sweet ladies and am so blessed to call each of them friend. I would like to thank each of these women for taking the class and for showing me such a clear example of faithfulness to the Lord!

Blessings to

Sonjia, Kathy, Barbara B., Katrina, Stacey, Michelle B., Michelle D., Liz F., Barbara G., Krystal, Leanne, Hope, Liz H., Sue, Diana, Ruth, Kelli, Lucy, Jane, Donna, Kailyn, Christina, Doris, Janet, Nancy, Kim, Bobbie, Pat, Lydia, Elizabeth, and Janie.


One thought on “Thank You!

  1. So thankful for your faithfulness in writing and teaching this Bible study…it was awesome! You are a wonderful teacher and have a way of encouraging all those around you to be more like Jesus. We did have an exceptional class. I loved the diversity in age and background. I also loved that these women stayed faithful in attendance… that says a lot about your teaching but mostly about your God lead writing of this particular study at this particular time. I love the way you write and the amount of scripture you used. I am praying this study is published so many others can experience the Proverbs the way our class was privileged to in being a part of “Solomon Says: Godly Counsel for Victories Living.



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