Voices in My Head

“For as he thinks within himself, so he is”

Proverbs 23:7 (NASB)

Do you talk to yourself? Granted, some of us may actually talk out loud to ourselves, but all of us have quiet conversations in our heads. If you stopped to pay attention to what you think about yourself and what types of thoughts float through your mind all day long, would you say those thoughts are negative or positive? Do you dwell on your weaknesses, problems, or inability to overcome circumstances (even those things that are out of your control)? Or do you give yourself grace in your weaknesses (note: this does not mean making excuses for bad behavior)?

According to Proverbs 23:7, we become what we think about ourselves. And, if we are negative, we will ultimately project that negativity onto those around us. According to  Luke 6:45  our words come from the overflow of our heart. So if you tend to be negative, embrace the antidote of good attitudes and godly thoughts and renew your mind (Romans 12:2) to eradicate negative thinking that results in negative speech.

One way you can do this is by meditating on scripture. Who does God say you are? Replace any negative thoughts you have about yourself with the things that God says about you. Eight verses about your identity in Christ are featured in this fun set: Identity in Christ Cards.  Print this set of cards and commit them to your heart!

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