Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to anger, knowledge is peace. Because anger is a secondary emotion, if you study yourself closely, you can learn the primary emotion or emotions that trigger your anger. And, when you understand what triggers your anger, you can manage it before it becomes destructive.

Consider an angry moment you had recently. Why were you angry? What primary emotion (frustration, fear, disappointment, jealousy, insecurity, pride,…) led to your anger?

When you realize what most often triggers your anger, you become self-aware, and when you act on your anger in appropriate ways, you become self-managing. Self awareness and self management are two of the components of emotional intelligence. The other two components are social awareness (understanding how the people around you feel) and relationship management (successfully interacting with others, regardless of the atmosphere in which those interactions take place).

If you feel you are not highly emotionally intelligent, the good news is you can change that. Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves wrote a book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, that includes strategies to help you increase the four components of your emotional intelligence.

Jesus was the most emotionally intelligent person who ever walked the earth. His empathy and compassion served as the antidote for anger, and when he did get angry, it was for a righteous reason (the breaking of God’s law), and was always displayed in a God-honoring way.

To learn more about the characteristics of emotionally intelligent people, you can read this article. Study yourself a bit and learn ways to manage your anger, all for the goal of living out Philippians 1:27a: “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.”

2 thoughts on “Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

  1. When Bro Mike Davis was our Minister of Adult Ed he taught this class to SS teachers. It made a big impact on me, helping me to reign in my anger and control my tongue!


  2. Cheryl, thank you for your words of wisdom following some excellent discussion in class on Tuesday. This is a GREAT article at the end of your post. I recommend everyone click on the link and read it. Blessings!
    -Katrina Bristol


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